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Updated: May 16, 2020

Whether you're welcoming a new baby, you're little one is showing signs of readiness, or


Here's a few tips mama may not have told you about...

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Like most families under quarantine, we're taking this time at home to complete tasks, spend time with family, or maybe get a little crafty.
We chose potty training. Weeeee...
Being a former pre-school teacher, I took from my experience in helping toddlers gain their privilege to use underpants and tackle the potty like a BOSS!
But when it's your own child, it's different.
..and somehow, harder? Huh?


Here's a few simple, probably weird tricks we've found to be helpful on our journey:


1. Using a Peri Bottle

This is probably the weirdest suggestion of them all, but hear me out on this:

When I was in the hospital after having our second, Jude, I had trouble urinating after birth. The use of forceps was pretty traumatic on my pelvic floor muscles in combination with the epidural and catheter. It was A LOT.

I was threatened with being "cathed" again if I could not pee, so this sweet nurse did all she could to help me out. One of her tactics being the use of the peri bottle.

She filled it up with warm water, shot it in my direction, and low and behold, I URINATED.
TMI, I know.

I remembered this when it came time to help Elo learn to use the potty. AND GOSH DARN IT, IT WORKED.

If you think about it, all you're doing is stimulating those areas the help your child understand the sensation of urinating. This helps them to become more aware!

2. Set up a "book station"

Toddlers are infamously known for their short attention spans. They need lots of grace. Having a collection of their favorite literature helps give them time, and a distraction from the daunting task of using the potty. It's hard to relax when you're doing something new!

3. Let them be bottomless

This is another tactic to help your little one become more aware of their body, and what's going on. When using a diaper, it's easy to be separated from your bodily fluids if you've never had to see or think about them before.


4. Let them have accidents

If they pee on the floor, it's okay.

If they poop in their undies, it's okay.

This is learning. Patience is key, repetition is key.

One day they'll get it, mama.


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