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3 Easy cookies to make with your kids

Sometimes, Santa is pretty happy with those break-away, easy bake cookies you buy in the grocery store freezer section. The sad news for us parents is, those little hands want MORE to do with the process.

To some, this is a daunting affair. You're torn wanting to make memories with your children, but also dreading the aftermath of cookie making. In your mind, it might look something like this:

PARENTS, it's normal to feel guilty about things like this. It's OKAY to feel like taking the easy way out. Your children want more of you, and simple things like making Christmas cookies is a wonderful bonding experience, and can also teach valuable lessons.


With kids, the more simple, the better.

...and less mess for you in the end.


3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies << (das me! Teehee)

TBH, I don't even measure the ingriedients for this recipe MOST of the time. My family has been baking this cookie FOR-EH-VUR and it's just too easy. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

M&M Cake Mix Cookies

ANOTHER recipe that requires little measuring. Your little ones can take part in all the fun and YOU can rest assured that the mess will be minimal. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

Classic No-Bakes

This "cookie" doesn't even require you to turn on the oven! Now, there is a grown-up step that uses the stove to melt a chocolate mixture, but, you'll just be dumping that onto quick oats in a bowl and TADA. Once that has cooled, let those little guys have fun rolling balls of the mixture. Plus, there's no fear of licking the spoon or little fingers. Nothing raw! YAS!



If you still make the choice to buy your dough this year, no judgement here. As long as there are memories being made, it's a total win in my book.


Make sure to check out my fellow mamas for more amazing recipes and helpful posts!

They're pretty awesome if I do say so myself.


The Millennial


Twins and Coffee


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