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Father's Day Gifts For The Stressed Mom

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

It's Father's Day and you've totally forgotten. You had this sentimental picture built up in your mind, and now it's all falling to pieces.

...but having kids has forced to two of you to forget about each other, and spend more time focusing on the kids... so now you've got no idea what to get.

NEVER FEAR! I'm here to tell you that I was in the same boat...but I did some digging for you and I. We're gonna be okay. This will be a great first Father's Day.

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If He STILL Plays Video Games:

Charging Station: Is he tired of his controller dying in the middle of a match? Are you tired of him leaving that dern thing ON TOP of the coffee table instead of your designated bin of gaming you made him?

Skins & Grips: While you're at it, you might as well grab a few controller skins and thumb grips for optimal gaming and hopefully less grown-man tantrums.

Xbox One Charging Station

Xbox Controller Skin & Thumb Grips

Playstation 4 Charging Station

Playstation Controller Skin & Thumb Grips

He'd Like to See The Baby in This:

Dad's Favorite Team

From blankets, bibs, shoes, cups and pacifiers, you can have almost ANYTHING to show pride for Daddy's team! use code: ELOJANE for $35 OFF!

There are PLENTY of Teams to choose from!