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I Successfully Made Jewelry with My Breast Milk..and YOU can too!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Yes, I wear a ring on my finger that contains breast milk. Why? ...because it holds significant meaning for me.

When Eloise was born, our first breastfeeding moment was anything but perfect.

I had envisioned this beautiful time, the both of us skin-to-skin, her latching perfectly and me enjoying a lovely bonding session with my new daughter.



After enduring 20 hours of labor, basically crossing "the valley of the shadow of death" from struggling to breathe because my oxygen levels were dropping, and fighting to push her out for over an hour and a half...


SO I lay there, spread eagle, waiting to be stitched up, wondering where my clothes went and realizing I'm pretty much TOTALLY EXPOSED...but I don't care at this point.

The nurse brings my perfect little miracle and places her on my chest. I'm in heaven.

"Let's see if we can try and get her to latch"

"O-okay." I say, as a mentally prepare myself for the most outstanding moment after childbirth. I'm excited, but I'm still feeling dead...but I'm excited.



"What I'm doing is stimulating production."

UH, what you're doing is basically torture.


Breastfeeding has been equally






and fulfilling.

I will never forget how much purpose it gives me, and that is why I have always wanted my own milk ring.

Before attempting this experiment, I searched high and low, discovering other brave mamas who had come before me, yet failed.

I thank you for your sacrifice!

DISCLAIMER: I'm sure this tutorial is NOT how the professionals do it, and this is in no way the perfect alternative to purchasing their beautiful pieces. I deeply respect what these talented women have to offer, but I know that the price point is not attainable for everyone...which is why I was determined to figure out how to make one myself.


Here's what you'll need:

This first step is the KEY to making this work,

1. Place your milk in the fridge, and let it do it's weird, separate-y thing:

I am using spoiled milk for this ring, which is why it's labeled with an big, red "X". You can use fresh, spoiled or expired milk for this DIY

Once it looks like this, you can cut a TIIIIIINY hole in the bottom of the bag, and let the fore milk drain out. DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BAG.

Keep this stuff for milk baths later! Don't throw it out!

You should have some creamy, fatty hind milk left behind.

2. Squeeze your creamy, fatty goodness into a small, oven safe container.

Look at that fatty, milk tower!

I would make sure to spread a thin layer of this, just to make the process go faster.

3. Turn your oven on the lowest possible setting to let your milk dry out.

There's no exact science to this. Just check your milk every now and then to make sure it's not browning or burning.

4. Once your hind milk is at a paste-y, crisco-y consistency, take it out of the oven to cool.

These are all technical terms, here...

5. Mix in JUST enough lustre dust to take away as much of the "yellow-ness"as possible.

I never claimed to be a grammar whiz...

Adding the dust made the consistency slighlty crumbly, but this is fine.

6. Mix your resin according to package instructions.

This is SUPER CRUCIAL. If you do not follow the specific instructions, you will FAIL!

No pressure...

I used my food scale to be SUPER accurate, cause I DID NOT want to mess this up.

7. Pour a small amount of your mixed resin onto your breast milk paste concoction. Then mix that together.

You're looking for a thick, yet slightly drippy consistency here... I'm SO great at describing things.

8. CAREFULLY and painstakingly drip the mixture into your ring bezel. It SHOULD form its own dome shape. PHYSICS!

This was the most stressful part..for real.

I used a sewing needle to pop any bubbles that formed.

9. Let the ring cure for THREE days...and DO NOT TOUCH IT.

I know you're impatient, but you're gonna ruin all that hard work and that beautiful dome you just created. Don't move that ring. Leave it alone. Patience is a virtue!

I'm speaking from experience, here. I touched mine. I couldn't wait. I made a mess...don't do what I did.


(does it bother you that there's no "Step 10"? XD )

Some things to keep in mind:

  • I've found that this ring is mostly waterproof (like when washing your hands and loading the dishwasher), but I would not go swimming or shower with it on.. I have been too scared to test exposing it to chemicals or cleaning agents.

  • Take care not to pierce it with sharp objects and try to avoid wearing it during exercise or workouts

Enjoy the fruits (or juices...?) if your labor! Literally!
Share and Pin this for all your mom friends!
If you attempt this DIY, take a picture and share it with me!
Maybe spread the love and make one for a mama you know!

Happy Milking!

...oh, that was weird.

oh well.

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