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It's Your Pregnancy, Not Theirs.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Mama, you’re not responsible for everyone’s feelings about your pregnancy.

You don’t have to consider everyone’s reactions to your choices.


Not everyone has multiple baby showers. You get to choose who to invite. If there’s a gift you don’t need, it’s okay to return it.


You decide your doctor, you decide your birth, you decide who will be there, YOU decide when to announce your baby’s arrival.


Try not to worry about the opinions, feelings, harsh words or actions of others while you’re pregnant. Do NOT let anyone else control your pregnancy. Do NOT let them ruin the experience.

YOU are pregnant. YOU make the choices.

Surround yourself with others that love and respect you. Focus on your growing family, your spouse, yourself, and MOST of all, that little life growing inside you.

You got this, mama. I’m rooting for you ♥️


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