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Small Shop Love- Texas Moccs

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will earn a percentage from your click or purchase. This is at no extra cost to you, and allows me to create better content moving forward. CLICK HERE to read my affiliate disclosure and HERE for the privacy policy.

Since starting a following on social media, I have had the opportunity to connect with some SUPER awesome people as well as small shops. Forming relationships is the most rewarding part for me, and along the way, I've been able to connect with some very dedicated small shop owners.

In this blog series I will be highlighting a handful of shops I've grown to love, and i want to share them all with you!

Are you interested in opening your own small business but have NO idea where to start?

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PART ONe: Texas Moccs



I cannot speak enough on the quality of these shoes. Every pair is handmade with soft, flexible faux (or real) leather, elastic for easy removal and room to grow. The styles are constantly changing, but there are permanent collections as well.

I am in LOVE with these shoes! Eloise is not a fan of wearing things on her feet, but her Texas Moccs stay on securely and comfortably! These things are SO comfy and easy for little walkers and those learning to walk! Like, I need some for myself. *HINT,HINT*


USE CODE: TEXAS10 to save 10%!


Pine Loafers $15

Texas Moccs has become ONE OF my most favorite shops I have come across. I have a love for handmade things, but I'm also the kind of person that loves to make connections.

Wine Moccs $15

Maria has quickly become a person that I heavily relate to, and I have such a deep respect for her and all the work she puts into her business.

Donut Moccs $13

One thing in particular stands out from the moment you speak with her, is that she LOVES sharing her passion for creating things.

PSL Moccs $13

Maria has truly found her calling, and that is evident with each pair of little shoes she makes.

Shop her site to see even MORE!

USE CODE: TEXAS10 to save 10%!


Maria's story

Born in Mexico, Maria and her family immigrated to the U.S. when she was two months old. She and her mother were illegal immigrants until receiving their resident cards eleven years later. At age 12, she was finally able to meet her own grandparents in person.

Maria's parents worked from home as a seamstress and tailor for a local company that sold children's clothing. After school and during the summer, she and her siblings helped their mom and dad with the family business. In turn, her parents instilled a passion for hard work, and taught her how to sew.

Growing up,

she wore her siblings' hand-me-downs, and her mother would alter them to fit. This strong influence in her life nurtured a passion for creating and sewing, and Maria would often sketch design ideas in her notebooks during class.

After enrolling into college and beauty school, she started working TWO full-time jobs. Maria realized soon after that her passion was not in cosmetology, and school required too much patience while sitting in class and taking notes. She is a woman about ACTION!

In 2014 She started her business "Guadaloops"

and sold headbands, baby bloomers, and moccs-all while working her full-time job at a bank. In the same year, she was forced to move out on her own with only her clothing. This forced her to close her shop and start saving money. She was very unhappy, and was determined to take control of her own success.


Maria was finally able to invest in materials

to make moccs! At a loss for what to name her business she thought, "I've lived in Texas all my life, and moccs are why not? Texas Moccs."

In July of 2017

Texas Moccs was officially open

While sewing adorable baby shoes, Maria worked her bank job, re-sold name brands on Ebay, and drove for Uber. This "workaholic" ethic came from the inspiration of listening to podcasts on small business success and her sweet mother.

It has been five months since Maria quit her full-time job at the bank, and she could not be happier. The ability to do what she loves, be her own boss, create whatever she wants, AND TAKE AS MANY BREAKS AS SHE WANTS, is the level of freedom she had always been searching for.


One piece of motherly advice in particular resonates to this day:

"Cuando crezcas, trabajas para ti y serás feliz."
"When you grow up, work for yourself, and you will be happy."

As a child, Maria was never allowed to say where she was from, or that she was an immigrant. Once she officially got her green card, she made sure to let EVERYONE know! This woman is inspired by fellow immigrants, is PROUD of her heritage, and I am SO proud to know her.


You can purchase her adorable moccs + oxfords at

USE CODE: TEXAS10 to save 10%


Are you interested in opening your own small business but have NO idea where to start?

CLICK HERE to try Shopify FREE + open up shop!

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