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The Best 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie

Everyone loves a classic. This cookie is undoubtedly the easiest, most delicious, and most affordable cookie to make. It's no secret that there's a multitude of recipes containing a few key ingredients, but I would like to share a version my family has been baking for years.

DISCLAIMER: The following blog post was created using gifted chocolate from Hu Kitchen. I was provided the product in exchange for an instagram post, and was not influenced by the developing company. I was not monetarily compensated for the following blog post, but wanted to share a recipe including their product: Simple Dark Chocolate.



When I was little, I remember thinking these were the BEST cookies in the world. They HAD to be the hardest thing to bake. I was convinced.

My family came from humble beginnings, and there were lots of monetary struggles.

Peanut butter cookies were the cheapest way to have a little something sweet.

My mama would tell me,

"All you have to remember is the number 1. One of everything. It's the easiest thing ever."

This recipe happens to be a favorite of my husband's as well. The addition of dark chocolate brings it the the NEXT LEVEL.

Hu Kitchen kindly sent me their Library Collection, and I must say,


I'm telling you, this chocolate is not only better for you, but it's FREAKING DELICIOUS.

Everything is better with chocolate, right?

Personally, I could not have enough. Dark chocolate adds the richness factor this cookie needs. It perfectly combats the saccharine-sweet cookie. A match made in heaven:

Chocolate + Peanut Butter = PERFECTION

You know that classic, forked look?

To be honest, I never understood why we did that. Ha!

One day, I decided to try and flatten them by hand instead. I then slow-baked them.

Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus.

(I mean, like, thank you, Jesus)

Simply flattening them slightly allows the cookie to remain nice and chewy on the inside.

UGH. So good.