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The Best 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie

Everyone loves a classic. This cookie is undoubtedly the easiest, most delicious, and most affordable cookie to make. It's no secret that there's a multitude of recipes containing a few key ingredients, but I would like to share a version my family has been baking for years.

DISCLAIMER: The following blog post was created using gifted chocolate from Hu Kitchen. I was provided the product in exchange for an instagram post, and was not influenced by the developing company. I was not monetarily compensated for the following blog post, but wanted to share a recipe including their product: Simple Dark Chocolate.



When I was little, I remember thinking these were the BEST cookies in the world. They HAD to be the hardest thing to bake. I was convinced.

My family came from humble beginnings, and there were lots of monetary struggles.

Peanut butter cookies were the cheapest way to have a little something sweet.

My mama would tell me,

"All you have to remember is the number 1. One of everything. It's the easiest thing ever."

This recipe happens to be a favorite of my husband's as well. The addition of dark chocolate brings it the the NEXT LEVEL.

Hu Kitchen kindly sent me their Library Collection, and I must say,


I'm telling you, this chocolate is not only better for you, but it's FREAKING DELICIOUS.

Everything is better with chocolate, right?

Personally, I could not have enough. Dark chocolate adds the richness factor this cookie needs. It perfectly combats the saccharine-sweet cookie. A match made in heaven:

Chocolate + Peanut Butter = PERFECTION

You know that classic, forked look?

To be honest, I never understood why we did that. Ha!

One day, I decided to try and flatten them by hand instead. I then slow-baked them.

Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus.

(I mean, like, thank you, Jesus)

Simply flattening them slightly allows the cookie to remain nice and chewy on the inside.

UGH. So good.

While you're at it, you might as well strategically place a few more chocolate hunks. The more the merrier.

Slow baking is KEY! See those slighty golden edges? The bubbly cracks? THAT MELTY CHOCOLATE?

I'd like to say that I take full credit for this recipe, but I'm aware there are many variations of this timeless classic. If you get the chance, I hope you try out this recipe, and let me know how it goes! ♥

Happy Baking,

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