The "Mombie" Antidote

Hey, ya'll.

Ew, wait. I don't say that. Anywho...

I KNOW I've been MIA for a hot minute. Sorry about that. I'm back with a review!


I know, I'm super lame, but I wouldn't be reviewing something that I didn't like just for the sake of content. Besides, this is only the SECOND review I've done on this blog, so cut me some slack. I don't do this often.

The past few months have been ROUGH. I've been dragging my knuckles to get work done, and just keep my head afloat. I'm telling you, not even my one TRUE LOVE could pull me through.

Coffee. I was talking about coffee.




DISCLAIMER: The following blog post is an unbiased review for Nanoceutical Solutions and their product: Nano Glutathione. I was provided the product in exchange for my own personal experience and thoughts and was not influenced by the developing company.

I call this THE MOMBIE ANTIDOTE and for good reason! CLICK HERE to read more!

I would be lying to you if I said this first year of motherhood hasn't taken a toll on me.

I found myself BEGGING for that 3rd, 4th, and yes, even 5th cup of coffee each day! I kid you not.

I mean, this stuff is marketed as the "master antioxidant"


via: Nanoceutical Solutions


"While there are tons of benefits to increase Glutathione levels, using Nano Glutathione daily, we find that most of the improvement you’ll notice fall into 4 major areas, overall health & wellness, anti-aging, fitness and recovery."
-Nanoceutical Solutions

I won't bore you with the super long list of possible benefits, as there are MANY. Here are the main benefits that appealed to me as a mother just TRYING to survive.


Health & Wellness

● Glutathione helps synthesize and repair DNA in our bodies

● Improving our liver function has a huge array of health benefits. Virtually every system

and function is benefited from a healthy liver

● Glutathione boosts the immune system

Anti-aging (​skin care​)

● Glutathione blocks free radical damage, which prevents aging

● Glutathione fights aging and wrinkles

● Glutathione prevents acne and blemishes

● Glutathione whitens, brightens, and smooths skin

You don't have to be into fitness to benefit from this product, but it is EXTREMELY beneficial to those who are. To find out more, CLICK HERE.


I'm going to be completely transparent on this, before taking the supplement, I was absolutely skeptical. Also, I'm not the greatest when it comes to remembering another element in my routine.

I MEAN, what routine? HA!

Anywho, I pressed on with my one milliliter a day.

At first, I thought nothing was happening, I just made it through each day with nothing to report. I kept trucking along waiting for a miracle. So I stopped taking it.


I became my old self: an angry, sluggish, tired and acne-ridden zombie mommy.

"Mombie" haha. I'm so funny...

What I had neglected to realize, was that my life had been made better by taking this simple supplement once a day. I was expecting the light of God to come shining down upon me, when really, this stuff just made me feel human again.

It was THAT simple. I felt like my old self. I felt normal.

No amount of sleep or coffee could give me back what Nano gave to me. I know this sounds totally corny, but I have met so many moms that would agree.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood will drain you.

Now that I have this antioxidant, my life is simply made better. That's all there is to it.

Plus my pimples shrank. A lot. But that's not my main concern. That was just a bonus :)


-Easy to take (once you remember. ha!)

-fast acting

-one bottle will last you an entire month

-Taste is not bothersome


-you crash HARD if you forget or stop taking it

-If you are acne prone, those ugle zits will come back with a VENGANCE

-everyone is different, but the aftertaste may bother you, but this no big deal to me

SO, now what?

If you aren't at least interested, then check out Nanoceutical solutions here to learn more!


to see more reviews!

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